About Us


LifeSpice was born from the thought that luxury is the spice that gives life a rich and irresistible flavour. And so, LifeSpice serves news on all things luxurious and refined. The readers of LifeSpice share an unbridled passion for the high life, and we curate the very best of the best for them.

LifeSpice aims at not just showing people fascinating and luxurious products but also shares addresses, phone numbers and website links from where they can purchase those items for themselves.

The Editor of LifeSpice is Anu Gulmohar. Earlier, she worked with Frames – a privately published luxury magazine in India. She was also the Executive Editor of Living it Up!, a lifestyle supplement that accompanied the career magazine ‘Make Your Own Destiny’. Other magazines she has worked with are The Sunday Indian, Business & Economy and 4Ps Business and Marketing.