The luxurious Emperador Cigar Chest

Swiss manufacturer Imperiali Genève has introduced their newest masterpiece: a state-of-the-art luxury cigar chest, the Emperador Cigar Chest.

Emperador Cigar Chest

Emperador Cigar Chest

Imperiali Genève has unveiled their latest work of art: the Emperador Cigar Chest.  A combination of several international patents, over 2,600 high-quality components, and thousands of hours of meticulous work by hundreds of craftsmen, the Emperador Cigar Chest is perhaps the most prestigious cigar chest in the world. Only twelve of these sophisticated pieces will be released annually, each one individually numbered and available for the price of one million Swiss francs.

Each Emperador Cigar Chest combines elegance and function to create a full experience for the senses. Measuring two-and-a-half feet in length, the chest is approximately one foot high and 18-inches wide. The box is constructed of glass, aged aluminium, and composite fibers combined with Alucobond®, Alucore®, and aerogel, the material NASA uses to protect spacesuits.

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But the durability doesn’t dull the beauty of the chest.  It is a feast for the eyes topped with a tourbillon timepiece made by a master watchmaker from the Swiss Jura. The watch has an eighty hour reserve, and keeps its movement through a specialised winding system that constantly winds it without intervention. Nine gold buttons on the cover spell out the name “Imperiali.”  These sensor buttons activate an integrated LCD display, allowing the owner to protect the precious contents inside the chest with a personal code.

Sensor buttons on Emperador Cigar Chest

The gold buttons, spelling out the name “Imperiali,” activate an integrated LCD display that allows the owner to protect the contents inside.

The magnificent exterior pales in comparison to the treasure hidden within the Emperador Cigar Chest. Twenty-four Grand Cru cigars, meticulously crafted with tobacco leaves cultivated on plantations throughout South America, rest inside the chest.The leaves are aged for forty-eight months before processing, resulting in a cigar that is rich, complex and balanced.  Each one is delicately wrapped in four gold leaves and secured within its own glass tube.

To protect these precious Grand Cru cigars, Imperiali Genève developed an innovative self-regulating humidity system that guarantees a consistent temperature and humidity regardless of external factors. A real time display tells the owner the internal environment of the chest along with how many cigars and how much power remains.

The lighter is fitted into the Emperador Cigar Chest

The lighter is fitted into the Emperador Cigar Chest

The accessories within the Chest are also quite advanced. The cigar cutter offers a selection of options, from a digital guillotine-style slice to various perforated punches in the size of the owner’s choice. A three-nozzle table lighter and an electronic ashtray are also hidden inside the chest, ensuring the owner lacks for nothing.

View the Emperador Cigar Chest come alive in the video below:

For more details, please visit Imperiali Genève’s website.