Would you like to take a Jaguar heritage car for a spin?

The newly launched Jaguar Heritage Driving Experience allows people to take the wheel of legendary Jaguar cars.

The Jaguar Heritage Driving Experience allows people to drive some of Jaguar's most iconic cars

Enjoy a drive in iconic heritage Jaguar cars such as this 1961 E-type at the Jaguar Heritage Driving Experience

This month Jaguar Land Rover Special Operations is launching the Jaguar Heritage Driving Experience, which gives people an opportunity to drive iconic Jaguar vehicles such as the Le Mans-racing legend Jaguar D-type, legendary E-type and Jaguar’s most potent sports car ever, the F-TYPE R Coupé.

The Jaguar Heritage Driving Experience is being launched at the 200-acre Fen End test facility, near the home of Jaguar Land Rover in the West Midlands, United Kingdom. The collection of cars includes fast cars from pre- and post-war road racers and Le Mans champions, to later sporting saloons and grand tourers. There are different packages available that allow visitors to experience a particular era or to simply journey through Jaguar’s history right up to present day models like the F-TYPE R Coupé.

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For example the Jaguar Experience (ranging from £95 to £250) allows people to choose from various models or to drive alongside a seasoned professional. They can opt for selected pairings such as Series 1 and Series 3 E-type or pick a heritage car and its modern counterpart. The Le Mans Experience (£750) offers a chance to experience the legendary C and D-types that dominated the world famous 24-hour endurance race in the 1950s. This package also includes drives in the XKSS and F-TYPE R Coupé, and lunch.

Then there is the Grace and Pace Experience (£2,000) at the Jaguar Heritage Driving Experience, which lets people drive heritage Jaguar cars all day long – from post-war racers to sports saloons, coupés, roadsters to the new XFR and F-TYPE R Coupé models. You’ll also be taken for lunch in a chauffeur-driven classic Jaguar saloon.

For more information or to book your Jaguar Heritage Driving Experience contact them via email or telephone 0333 577 0156.