Rejuevanate with Digital Detox

Brenners Park-Hotel and Spa’s Tatler award winning Villa Stephanie focuses on guest’s complete relaxation by offering a digital detox.

Enjoy digital detox at Villa Stéphanie

Villa Stéphanie

The Brenners Park-Hotel and Spa in Baden-Baden has created the ultimate place for guests to clear their mind and separate themselves from the stress of everyday life. The recently built Villa Stephanie is a haven located on the banks of the river Oos. It was built with impressive room sizes, an elegant contemporary style, every possible convenience, and no electric smog.

Detox packages have been popular at luxury retreats for decades, with hotels and spas offering to pamper their guests with healthy options like specialised diet plans and fitness regimens. Now, travelers and hotels alike are focused on the unhealthy effect of always being plugged in. Resorts are catering to their guests’ heath concerns by offering an increasingly rare experience: tech-less time in an undisturbed environment. It’s a vacation from everything digital. A time to refrain from electronic devices like smartphones and computers so guests can destress and focuses on real world interactions. The process is called “digital detox,” and the World Travel Market Global Trends Report has listed it as one of the next big trends for the hospitality industry.

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With the Villa Stephanie, Brenners has moved digital detox to an impressive level, one where guests can decide exactly when to take advantage of the service. During the day, guests have full access to digital comforts. In the evening, triple-insulated shielded cables were installed in the walls to reduce electromagnetic fields that disrupt natural biological functions. With a touch of a button guests can bring down metal plates that disconnect their room from electricity and Wi-Fi to receive a more natural, restful sleep.

Suite bedroom at Villa Stèphanie offers complete digital detox

Suite bedroom at Villa Stèphanie

Frank Marrenbach, Managing Director of Brenners Park-Hotel & Spa says the Villa’s digital detox program serves a specific purpose in the digital age. “In a world where people are connected practically around the clock, there is a need for places of retreat where it is possible to relax and focus on you. It is for these reasons that the Villa Stéphanie has been created.”

The concept is paying off for Brenners: Villa Stéphanie was awarded the 2015 Tatler Spa Award for its digital detox servcie. The prestigious award was given for the revolutionary digital detox experience offered at Villa Stéphanie, a program Tatler says sets a new standard by making guests understand the benefits of completely switching off.

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