Check in to get fitter!

It’s usually on a vacation that one checks into a five-star hotel, but how about moving into a hotel for a fitness programme?

Fitness Centre at JW  Marriott Mumbai

Fitness Centre at JW Marriott Mumbai

Since the last three years, JW Marriott Mumbai has been running the Fitness Transformation Program by Dr. Asif Khan, a veteran in the health and fitness industry. The 30-day Fitness Transformation Program focuses on the importance of maintaining and achieving a healthy lifestyle. Its ultimate aim is to make people achieve their ideal weight by working closely with personal trainers and nutritionists to help burn excess fat in a healthy and natural manner.

This program is mainly focused on four pillars: diet, physical activity, SNNT (Specific Nutrient Nourishment Timing) and ‘Believe.’

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LifeSpice interviewed Dr. Asif Khan, a Bachelor in Physiotherapy (BPT), a Doctor of Medicine in Alternative medicine M.D. (A.M.), and a Doctor of Science (D. Sc) to find out more about this programme:

Does one necessarily have to stay at the hotel for joining the Fitness Transformation Program (FTP)? If yes, what is the recommended duration of stay?

No, actually not. We also offer FTP non-resident program where the client can go through the same boot camp without staying at the hotel. Minimum duration of the program is 30 days and maximum is 90 days.

In which ways is the Program unique and different from other fitness programs in India?

Food, food and food. We focus on only clean and balanced nutrition and it is compulsory that all our meals are included in the program. So our clients don’t have to stress about what they need to eat.


Please elaborate on SNNT – one of the four pillars of the Program.

SNNT stands for ‘Scientific Nutrition Nourishment Timings’, it means everything is balanced. For example; you wake up at the same time, eat healthy sports nutrition meal, exercise, and get a rejuvenating massage to relive the sore muscles, adequate hydration and sleep.

How soon can participants expect to see results?

Well, it all depends on individuals but all our clients who do the core resident boot camp generally can see changes by day 7, and non-residents by day 14.

Could you share some examples of participants who’ve reached their desired goals with this Program?

We cannot reveal the results as our entire program is very confidential, but on an average a client who goes through the resident program for 1 month, loses around 7 to 10 kg of fat. On a non-resident program, same result can be expected in 12 weeks.

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