Hopping Chef brings Master Chefs to your home

Hopping Chef is the latest company enabling chefs to hop over to your home and stir up a culinary storm in your very own kitchen.


Chef Michael Swamy

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The trend of calling professional chefs home for private parties is gaining momentum and the latest company on the block connecting people with Master Chefs is Hopping Chef. Founded by three young entrepreneurs, Shaival Chandra, Dhaval Udeshi and Sid Ugrankar, the service takes care of the shopping of ingredients, cooking to even cleaning up after the party. People can choose their meal preferences – including organic menus, child menus and any dietary restrictions. “Our clients are delighted with our service as we give them a proper fine-dining experience within the comfort of their homes. We take care of the event from the start – menu designing, table set-up, the best ingredients, a Master Chef led kitchen team, crockery and cutlery, glassware, servers, mixologist, bartenders and post-event clean up,” shared Shaival Chandra. Pictured above is Chef Michael Swamy, a Cordon Bleu Culinary School graduate who has trained and worked with several Michelin-starred chefs in the United Kingdom. He is also a food stylist, food photographer and two-time Gourmand Book Awards winner (2011-12 and 2014-15). Chef Swamy brings to the table his unique style of Modern Indian cuisine, where he blends classic French techniques with traditional Indian flavours. View the slideshow to know about the other Chefs in the roster of Hopping Chef.

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If you would like to call one of these chefs over for cooking at your next do then hop on to the website of Hopping Chef.

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