A decade of Boca do Lobo

On the 10th year anniversary of luxury interiors brand Boca do Lobo, we take a look at some of their most striking designs so far.

Monochrome console by Boca Do Lobo

1. Monochrome console

Among the finest manufacturers of luxury furniture, Boca da Lobo’s products are as much works of art as they are utility items. Handmade in Portugal, each piece is created by talented artisans who combine traditional manufacturing methods with latest technological techniques. Pictured above is the limited edition Monochrome console.

2. Soho sideboard

Soho sideboard by Boca Do Lobo

The first design launched by Boca do Lobo, Soho is among the brand’s bestsellers even a decade later. The sideboard is a unique piece in which different drawers are made from materials like glass, wood, lacquer in different colours, to mirror and gold leaf. It is inspired by the eclectic and cosmopolitan spirit of the Soho neighbourhood.

3. Gold screen

Gold Screen

Launched in 2006, Gold is a contemporary screen entirely finished in gold leaf. This statement space divider is definitely a luxurious and beautiful addition to a contemporary living room or bedroom.

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4. Mondrian sideboard

Mondrian sideboard

Through the years Boca da Lobo has strived to achieve Emotional Design, which would make people emotionally connected to their décor items. The Mondrian sideboard, launched in 2007, radiates a sense of both experimental design and luxury.

5. Diamond emerald sideboard

Diamond Emerald Sideboard

The diamond sideboard has three sculptured doors that lead to a gold leaf interior with shelves and two drawers. The exterior has silver leaf finish with a luxurious shade of translucent green emerald with high gloss varnish. The base is made from mahogany lined with bronze mirror. This 2008 design is available in amethyst, emerald green and chocolate versions.

6. Pixel Cabinet

Pixel Cabinet

The Pixel Cabinet from 2009 is considered by the brand the pinnacle of its designing prowess. The 1088 triangles on this luxury cabinet are created by dedicated craftsmen who have also given it a variety of unique finishes.

7. Heritage Sideboard

Heritage Sideboard

Created in honour of Portuguese hand-painted tiles, the Heritage Sideboard features a number of layers, where each relates a different story.

8. Baron Gold luxury safe

Baron Gold luxury safe

In 2014 Boca do Lobo entered the specific niche of hyper luxury design with the launch of the ultra exclusive Private Collection. It comprised a selection of luxury home safes and matching table top objects like watch winders, jewellery cases and cigar humidors. This collection was aimed exclusively at people with an appetite for extreme luxury.

For more on Boca do Lobo or to order their exclusive luxury pieces, click here.

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