What to expect at Mumbai Art Weekend

The Mumbai Art Weekend is taking place from 14th January till 18th January. Here’s a quick look at what all you can expect at the Mumbai Art Weekend.

National Gallery of Modern Art. Picture by Mark Bellingham.

National Gallery of Modern Art. Picture by Mark Bellingham.

The Colaba-Fort area in Mumbai is rather charming with its eclectic mix of historic buildings, chic cafes, busy restaurants, and hawkers along the pavements selling cheap fashion accessories and colourful clothes. The area is also often referred to as the Art District of Mumbai. A number of art galleries are located within short distance of each other, and on any day of the year this area offers sheer joy to art lovers. At my last visit I spent nearly a day exploring the incredible ‘Music and Goddess’ exhibition at the National Gallery of Modern Art. With seven leading art galleries hosting the Mumbai Art Weekend, perhaps for people like me, the weekend has been stretched to begin on Wednesday and continue till Sunday (14th-18th January, 2015). Not only are there going to be individual exhibitions at these galleries but a host of events will also be afoot.

Photographs by Prasad Pawar on Unseen Ajanta will open the Mumbai Art Weekend and will be on view at Natesans – Jehangir Art Gallery, 161 Kala Ghoda from 11 am till 7pm. From 3:30-4:30 pm, National Gallery of Modern Art will host film screenings on Tagore Painting, Raja Ravi Varma, Ramkinker Baij followed by a talk at 6:30 pm on newly restored mural paintings of Ajanta by William Dalrymple, famous writer and historian of India. National Gallery of Modern Art will be holding screenings of films at the same time on Friday and Saturday as well followed by talks again. On Friday there will be a session on The Collecting Addiction followed by a session at 7:15 pm with Alistair Hicks on New Centres of Power on the Global Art Map. Hicks will return on Saturday to speak on Global Trends in Cutting Edge Contemporary Art. Performance Lecture by Hetain Patel will begin the talks on Saturday.

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Mumbai Art Weekend: A Journey of Secrets, a solo show by Samanta Batra Mehta at Sakshi Gallery

A painting from ‘A Journey of Secrets,’ the solo show by Samanta Batra Mehta at Sakshi Gallery.

On Thursday, 15th January, the host galleries will open their exhibitions at 6:30 pm. Chatterjee & Lal, (01/18 Kamal Mansion, Level 1, Arthur Bunder Road) will debut The Other Suit by Hetain Patel. Masquerade and Other Apologues by Anant Joshi will be on at Chemould Prescott Road (Queens Mansion, Level 3, G. Talwatkar Marg). Classified – For Your Eyes Only by C.K. Rajan will be shown by Galerie Mirchandani + Steinruecke (2 Sunny House, Level 1, 16/18 Mereweather Road). Gallery Maskara (6/7, Level 0, 3rd Pasta Lane) will be hosting Celebration by T. Venkanna. History is…, an exhibition by a group of artists, will be on view at Lakeeren Gallery (6/18, Grants Building, 2nd Floor, Arthur Bunder Road). Another group show, titled Earth Bound, will be held at Project 88 (BMP Building, Level 0, Ground Floor, N.A. Sawant Marg). A Journey of Secrets, Samanta Batra Mehta’s first solo show is being held at Sakshi Gallery (6/19, Grants Building, Level 2, Arthur Bunder Road) in collaboration with Delhi’s Shrine Empire gallery. Finally, Volte Gallery has put together a collection from Sheba Chhachhi, Ranbir Kaleka, William Kentridge, Nalini Malani for The Muse (46, Dr. V.B. Gandhi Marg, Kala Ghoda, Fort, Behind Rhythm House). All of these galleries will stay open till the end of the Mumbai Art Weekend.

“Mumbai Gallery Weekend is an opportunity for people to celebrate art and participate in related activities in a curated and concentrated environment. It is a unique collaboration of the seven leading galleries of Mumbai – all situated in the art district of Colaba and Fort that has made an event of this scale and stature possible,” remarked Gallery Maskara’s Director, Abhay Maskara.

Another activity you can look forward to at the Mumbai Art Weekend is guided walks at the galleries. Exhibiting artist, Samanta Batra Mehta will lead the walk at Sakshi Gallery at 5:00 pm on 16th January followed by Lakeeren Gallery’s Director Arshiya Lokhandwala tour through her gallery from 5:30 pm till 6:00 pm. On 17th at 5:00 pm, an exhibiting artist, Anant Joshi, will conduct the tour at Chemould Prescott Road.

The Mumbai Art Weekend is packed with a lot of interesting events that should interest people with a budding interest in art as well as the more seasoned aficionados. Mumbai Art Weekend should definitely be a weekend well spent.

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