The Gabriel & Guillaume pop-up

Discover the best of vintage and contemporary designs at the travelling pop-up store by Gabriel & Guillaume.

The Gabriel & Guillaume pop-up store in Beirut

The Gabriel & Guillaume pop-up store in Beirut

Guillaume Excoffier opened a one-of-a-kind store in the Parisian district of Le Marais in 2011. This store was named Guillaume and it featured a mix of vintage and modern pieces. One of his most frequent clients was Nancy Gabriel, an advertising executive, who came up with the idea of scaling his homely store to a global level. Combining their passion for design and style, they created the pop-up store Gabriel & Guillaume, which opened with great success in Beirut and Paris. Essentially, they occupy a space for a month and furnish it with a mix of vibrant vintage and contemporary pieces, both signed and anonymous. The Gabriel & Guillaume pop-ups are designed like our homes, appointed with unique pieces selected by the creators. The pop-up is never the same as the location and featured designs are ever changing.

Guillaume Excoffier and Nancy Gabriel of Gabriel & Guillaume pop-up store

Guillaume Excoffier and Nancy Gabriel

Gabriel & Guillaume pop-up has now returned to Beirut, bringing their unique store format to a stunning penthouse apartment in a major urban regeneration construction project. This special penthouse has been recently completed for the sole purpose of hosting this pop-up. They showcased around 300 pieces last year and this time they are displaying twice as many  in the space at Beirut.

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Fireset by Carlo Bugatti at Gabriel & Guillaume pop-up in Beirut.

Fireset by Carlo Bugatti

The spring collection features a lot of mid-century contemporary pieces from various locations around the world, with an interesting price range from $100 to $1,00,000. The theme of their latest show is aptly labelled: Eclecticism. A hand-knotted wool rug Umbra designed by Paul Smith for The Rug Company, a fire set circa 1900 by Italian designer and architect Carlo Bugatti, and a limited edition collection of luxury tableware named ‘I left my <3 in Mexico’ designed by Nimerology are a few exclusive pieces being displayed by Gabriel & Guillaume.

Interiors of the Gabriel & Guillaume pop-up in Beirut

Interiors of the Gabriel & Guillaume pop-up in Beirut

Other magnificent treasures such as designs by Philippe Hiquilly, Mies van der Rohe, Gabriella Crespi, Gio Ponti, Dunbar, Pietro Chiesa, and Joe Colombo will also be exhibited in their latest pop-up.

“We handpick vintage pieces and furniture. Whenever the upholstery is quite aged and damaged, we refurbish it without taking away from the core aesthetics of the frame and the design. We like to present our vintage pieces with a fresh, new contemporary look. By refurbishing a vintage piece and updating its look with interesting textures and fabrics, we ensure that the furniture gets a more sensory appeal and finds a distinct space within the décor universe, homes and office spaces, of our clients. A lovely vintage piece, I’d say, is a must-have to add depth to the ambiance of a room,” shared Nancy Gabriel.

The pop-up store is on till June 18, 2016, at District S, Downtown Beirut.