Hanji: For impressions that will last a thousand years

Korean Cultural Centre in New Delhi is presenting the ‘Hanji Impression’ exhibition to familiarise Indians with ‘Hanji.’

Sharmi Chowdhary's work on Hanji paper

Sharmi Chowdhary’s work on Hanji paper

An exhibition by two artists began at the Korean Cultural Centre in New Delhi today. What’s unusual about this event is that it aims to familiarise Indians with Hanji, which literally translates as ‘the paper of Korea.’ All the exhibited works by Indian artist Sharmi Chowdhury and Korean artist Park Yeo-Sang are made on this paper. The exhibition, titled ‘Hanji Impression,’ will continue till 5th February, 2015.

Hanji is made from the fibrous skin of the mulberry and because of its strength Koreans have used it in several ways, including as a suit of armour after varnishing with lacquer. It is known to last for a thousand years and Korea has many books and drawings that have lasted for that long, whereas not many books have survived longer than 300-400 years in the West. The reason behind Hanji’s durability is that the bark of the mulberry is strong and it doesn’t decompose even when immersed in water for an entire year. As its fibres are wide, both air and light easily pass through the paper.

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People by Park Yeo-Sang. Size: 105x92cm on Hanji paper

‘People’ on Hanji paper by Park Yeo-Sang

Besides the exhibition by the two prominent artists, workshops will be held on Hanji Making, Hanji Book Making and Hanji Calendar Making for children. They are scheduled for 23rd Jan (10-11.30 am and 12-1.30 pm) and on 27th and 28th Jan (10-11.30 am).

The venue for the exhibition and the workshops is the Korean Cultural Centre, Exhibition Hall, Korean Cultural Centre, A – 25, Lajpat Nagar IV, New Delhi. Timings for the exhibition are 10.00 am – 5.00 pm (Monday to Friday).

If you’re in Mumbai this weekend, hope you’re not missing out on the Mumbai Art Weekend.