Hyper luxury safes with million dollar looks

Take a peek into the Private Collection by Boca do Lobo, which features hyper luxury safes for storing your precious possessions.

Hyper luxury safe: The Millionaire Safe
The Millionaire Safe

To create the Millionaire Safe, Boca do Lobo sought inspiration from the 1849 California Gold Rush when people from all over the world spent their life’s earnings to reach the State only to realise that it wasn’t all that easy to hit gold in the Rush. Many people had turned to robberies and it is these gold seekers that inspired the Millionaire Safe. The mahogany safe, coated with polished brass and dipped in gold, is designed to look as if several attempts have been made to break it. The safe has lockable drawers and with its stunning looks, should probably be kept under lock and key too!

The Black Diamond Safe
The Black Diamond Safe

Diamond is the hardest material on Earth and a diamond-shaped safe should give people quite a lot of confidence in its competence. Claimed by Boca do Lobo to be impenetrable, the Black Diamond Safe is a hyper-luxury safe box which also has watch winders and a humidor wine clock where you can keep your watches, cigars, jewels or even a fine whisky bottle.

Baron Hyper Luxury Safe.
Baron Luxury Safe

Traditional Swiss watchmaking techniques have inspired the Baron Luxury Safe. This extreme luxury safe follows a futuristic design style and houses watch winders and cigar humidors. This steampunk safe is no less than a work of art and embodies exclusivity and luxury. Again, this a safe that will be the highlight of any room it occupies.

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The Boheme Safe
The Boheme Safe

The Boheme Luxury Safe is dedicated to the adventurous spirits who are always ready to pack their bags and travel where their heart takes them. A beautiful example of haute craftsmanship, this hyper-luxe safe has special compartments for jewellery, liquors and watch winders for displaying watches and humidors for storing cigars. The Boheme Luxury Safe is perfect for storing secrets and memories of all your wild adventures!

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