Images laced with irony

Promising young artist Kadir Akyol’s “Image as a Phenomenon” exhibition explores relationships between the past and present

Sultan Aunt: A blend of digital coldness and the warmth of handmade lace. Oil on canvas, 150x125 cm, 2014.

Sultan Aunt: A blend of digital coldness and the warmth of handmade lace. Oil on canvas, 150×125 cm, 2014.

Gallery Ark in a bid to encourage young artists in Turkey is hosting Kadir Akyol’s exhibition from 22nd November to 13th December 2014. Awarded the “2013 Young Artist of the Year” by Rh+ artmagazine, Akyol brings forth the distance between the modern and the traditional in the ‘Image as a Phenomenon’ exhibition. His works question and search for new meaning in a post-modern world.

Art critic Lütfiye Bozdag, writes for Kadir Akyol’s 10th personal exhibition: “Kadir Akyol forms a relationship between the juxtapositions of the past and the future as well as the modern and the traditional within the concept of ‘image as a phenomenon’. In Akyol’s paintings, image appears to be a phenomenon above its real meaning and the traditional similes.

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Irrelevant images like media-lace-portrait coming together on the same platform and form a relationship based on opposition helps to form a new reality. While ‘being itself’, this new reality breaks its own actuality through the opposition of the images and gives way to new stories. The relationship between power and authority is interpreted by the media-lace-portrait triangle. Akyol’s use of lace motif in his paintings is a reference to the East-West synthesis. By means of the starting mode of the State TV with a single channel, he refers to the media, which has great influence on the authority of the State.

Our lives are occupied by new technologies; we can judge how TV’s digital coldness and the traditional/warm image of handmade lace have become strangers to one another, how modern and traditional stand across each other in great tension with striking irony.”

Besides the exhibition at Gallery Ark, Kadir Akyol’s paintings can be viewed in the Gallery biq (Berlin Istanbul quarter) booth at Contemporary İstanbul 2014 Fair between 13-16 November and in the Gallery Doruk booth at Tuyap Art Fair between 13 to 16 November.

If you would like more information or would like to purchase Kadir Akyol’s works, Gallery Ark can be contacted via email.