Limited edition M.F. Husain signed serigraphs for sale

An online portal that links the world to traditional handicrafts is hosting a sale of a collection of M.F. Husain’s autographed silk screens.

M.F. Husain signed serigraph: Mother Teresa Series. Size: 43in-x-58in-x-1.5in

M.F. Husain signed serigraph. Mother Teresa Series. Size: 43in x 58in x 1.5in.

MF Husain was among the most celebrated Indian contemporary artists of the 20th century. Associated with Indian modernism in the 1940s, his narrative paintings displayed a modified Cubist style. During his lifetime he also received recognition as a printmaker, photographer, and filmmaker. He’s also remembered for his work in serigraphy, a printing technique pioneered in England in the early 20th century., an online shopping platform that offers a wide range of handicraft products to the world, is currently holding an exclusive sale of a collection of limited edition serigraphs signed by Husain. The serigraphs are from his famous series like Kerala, Ramayan, Mother Teresa, Ganesha and Krishna.

Shilpa Sharma, Co-Founder –, said, “This showcase is part of Jaypore’s endeavour to present unique finds from India to the world. In the art sphere, this includes works like folk tribal art of Gonds, Mithila from Madhubani, Pattachitra of Orissa, among others, to limited edition pieces such as specially commissioned prints from Raja Ravi Varma’s repertoire, and now contemporary artists like M.F. Husain. We view this particular showcase as the beginning of our engagement with independent artists and Galleries promoting works by Indian artists, and through our channel, providing them an online platform to reach a wider, discerning audience.”

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M.F. Husain signed serigraph. Horse Series. Size: 39in x 50.5in x 1in

M.F. Husain signed serigraph. Horse Series. Size: 39in x 50.5in x 1in definitely seems poised to become a favourite with art connoisseurs and enthusiasts worldwide. The sale of limited edition serigraphs signed by Husain ends on 24th April, 2015. To purchase these serigraphs, please click here.