Now make your artworks sing with Myaudioart!

Audiophiles can now experience the joys of a robust sound system that doubles as a personalised work of art with Myaudioart.



It used to be a tradeoff, a perfect sound-system or a sleek, modern home with no clutter. Larger systems offered the full audio experience but lacked style and sophistication. Small speakers were easy to hide within the décor but lost the true sound experience and lower frequencies. Myaudioart has introduced a solution that is both elegant and technically advanced: an ultra-flat but extremely powerful audio system that doubles as a work of art.

Myaudioart is the collaboration of two already successful companies.  Audiotec Fischer has already established a reputation of providing high-end electronic and acoustic components with the best quality. In turn, Myaudioart partner HJE is well-known as a specialist for presentation systems. The result of their business venture together is much more than a pretty sound system; it’s a three-way stereo speaker driven by an ultramodern six-channel amplifier and an advanced digital sound processor tucked neatly behind a textile tented frame with the picture of your choice. Now the perfect audio experience is ‘invisible,’ hidden behind artwork chosen from Myaudioart’s extensive database of images, or from your own personal photos.

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The technical specs of the speakers will thrill any audiophile. The tweeters, woofers, and subwoofers are perfectly engineered in their compact space to offer brilliant sound that proves Myaudioart went through extensive effort in calibrating their equipment. The amplifier alone is a fine example of modern Class- D technology, with fully active six-channel selection and premium components that put real power behind the compact system. Myaudioart monitors levels, offering a true fidelity reproduction with no loss of sound due to the fabric for the artwork. Input ports are available for a variety of wired and wireless music sources, including a CD player, MP3 device, smartphone, tablet, or Bluetooth enhanced laptop. From classical to jazz to modern rock, any music becomes an experience on Myaudioart’s high-end sound system.

A remote control lets you regulate both the sound levels and the Ambient Light of the LED background illumination, built to showcase your Myaudioart to its best advantage. The speakers and artwork are housed on a stable, well-crafted aluminum frame. The sturdy frame and fine covering make myaudioart the first ‘invisible’ sound system that really works. To order it for yourself, please visit their website.