For sale: Gigalum Island

Always wanted to buy a private island? Then do consider Gigalum Island, a beautiful Scottish island with its own jetty, a cosy 3-bedroom house, and a surprising price.

The days of buying farmhouses and holiday homes are passé, for a private island is much more fashionable to own in these times. There are several private islands around the world and many great properties come up for sale each year. The latest in the market is the Scottish Gigalum Island, which is located just minutes away from the Mull of Kintyre and boasts of its own jetty, a 3-bedroom house, breath-taking views and a rather surprising price tag: The island is being offered for just over half a million pounds, i.e. about INR 5 crores.

Scotland is famous for its natural beauty, and while others go there for short vacations, you could enjoy the scenery at your own pace from your home at Gigalum Island. It is located close to Glasgow and its nearest neighbours are counted among Scotland’s most enchanting islands: Giga, Jura and Islay. From the shores of Gigalum Island, expect bewitchingly beautiful sceneries to stretch out as far as you can see.

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The 19.3 acre private island has a cosy three-bedroom house. It is equipped with a spacious kitchen and has a large octagonal-shaped lounge. If the owner wishes, further development can be done on Gigalum Island.

The island is listed via Hamburg-based island brokers, Vladi Private Islands. Please connect with them for further information or to purchase Gigalum Island. Their contact information is listed here.

If you’d like to buy an island somewhere else in the world, consider visiting this page, to view the list of islands currently available for sale with Vladi Private Islands. At the moment of writing this article, there are several beautiful islands available for sale in Europe and the Mediterranean Sea, in Maldives, Indian Ocean, Africa and even as far as Japan and French Polynesia. So, if your mind and heart is made, finding a private island that’s perfect for you shouldn’t be very hard.

*Images courtesy Vladi Private Islands.