Roche Bobois Bengaluru’s grand opening

A grand cocktail party marked the French luxury furniture brand Roche Bobois’ entrance into Bengaluru.

Roche Bobois Bengaluru

Roche Bobois Bengaluru

Earlier this month Bengaluru was host to an exciting high-spirited evening when Samvit Tara, Managing Director of Roche Bobois India, formally opened the company’s new store before customers and VIPs of the city. The impressive 7,500 sq.ft. Roche Bobois Bengaluru is located at the upmarket Ulsoor road, in the heart of Bengaluru.

Roche Bobois had launched their first store in India a year ago, on the Elphinstone Road in Mumbai. The company’s original plan was to open only one store a year in the country, but the success of the Mumbai store combined with the hype over the Bengaluru opening has made Roche Bobois speed up their plans. They will now be opening four more outlets in major Indian metropolises in 2016.

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Speaking at the launch, Samvit Tara said, “Roche Bobois is a niche brand that is rich with heritage and positioned as a luxury lifestyle product. The growth and demand for quality luxury furniture from the discerning consumers in Bengaluru, has encouraged us to launch our first exclusive store in the city. The brand symbolises sophistication and luxury and we offer furniture and accessories to design conscious customers who appreciate only the finest in life.’’

The exclusive launch party at Roche Bobois Bengaluru was designed to allow customers an opportunity to experience the French Art de Vivre, or Way of Life. Exotic cocktails and hors d’oeuvres were enjoyed by guests as lounge music pulsed through the store. Celebrities, socialites, industrialists, politicians, designers, and architects danced and socialised through the evening. Later in the evening the entire crowd swayed to a live performance by an Australian Saxophonist.

The new store is just as memorable as the resplendent evening, exuding the luxury and design excellence associated with the brand. The walls of the stunning showroom are decorated with a Parisian view, a nod to the brand’s homeland. White marble floors and high ceilings with black arches offer an elegant space for the company’s Winter Collection 2015.

Roche Bobois’ new Contemporains and Nouveaux Classiques collections were the stars of the evening. Contemporains’ modernist-style pieces showcased the luxury furniture company’s ability to add a creative twist to contemporary trends and emerge with sophisticated, functional furniture. The Nouveaux Classiques collection give a peep at Roche Bobois’ traditional side. Pieces were based on artisan-style designs and then given a twist with original fabrics and prints.

Roche Bobois Bangalore is located at No.7/1 Ulsoor Road Opp. Purvankara Head Office, Bangalore-560042. Their contact number is 80-41233336/41433336. Click here to view a slideshow of photographs from the cocktail party.