The Imperial’s treasury of art

Did you know that The Imperial in New Delhi has the largest and most significant collection of colonial and post colonial art and artifacts? The five star hotel, also known as the ‘Museum Hotel’, has so many artworks that it could rival the collection of any museum! Here’s a look at some of the paintings that adorn their walls.


Coronation ceremony displayed at 1911, The Imperial

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The 1911 restaurant takes one back in time with its collection of artworks. This painting is a reminder of the old concept of Coronation Durbar where a new king would announce his elevation as the master at a public function, in which he would demand submission from his subjects. The British seized this concept as they did not want to be perceived as alien rulers. The first durbar was held in 1877, twenty years after the end of the Mughal rule; and served to indicate India’s inclusion into British Empire. The second durbar was held in 1903, two years after the death of Queen Victoria, when her eldest son ascended the throne as King Edward VII.

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