The cool list for cool kids

From fun Teepee bedrooms to the incredible Bugatti Baby – here’s a list of stuff your cool kids will surely love.

 MINI Skateboard for cool kids
MINI Skateboard

MINI Skateboard

The MINI Lifestyle Collection encourages youngsters to explore their creativity and experience new adventures daily. The collection consists of more than 100 items and includes clothes, bags, luggage and children’s gear. One of our favourites is the MINI Skateboard, which has been developed and built in partnership with the Australian brand Penny Skateboards. It features the signature MINI shade of Chilli Red and a Bonnet Stripe. The plastic cruiser is exceptionally robust and will be thoroughly enjoyed by kids. To get your cool kids this cool new skateboard from MINI, head to any nearby dealer of the British automotive or order it online at

Circu’s Teepee Room

Circu’s Teepee Room for your cool kids
Circu’s Teepee Room

Inspired by the free-spirited and spiritual Pocahontas, the Teepee Collection by Circu will add dollops of fun to your child’s room. The Teepee Room is enclosed within a tent, within which is a bed with storage space below, shelves above for books, and a secret compartment with a toy box! The tent can even be closed from inside to let your child enjoy complete privacy! It even has a sound system inside and both the lights and sound can be controlled via an App.

The tent has synthetic fur and peach texture, with golden plated finishes and acrylic on top. A luxurious sanctuary for your cool kids, they’re bound to have endless hours of fun in their Teepee Room.

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Bugatti Baby II

Bugatti Baby next to Bugatti Chiron - cars for cool kids
Bugatti Baby next to Bugatti Chiron

In 1926 Ettore Bugatti and his son Jean decided to build a half-scale Bugatti Type 35 for Ettore’s youngest son Roland’s fourth birthday. Fashioned after the model considered among the most successful racing cars of all time, it was meant to be a one-off car, but it went on to become an official model – the Bugatti Baby. Only 500 were ever made and sold between 1927 and 1936 to the select lucky enthusiasts of the marque. Now, on the company’s 110th birthday Bugatti and Junior Classics have revived the Bugatti Baby and Baby II is also set for a limited run of only 500 cars.

Unlike the original, Baby II is three-quarters of the size of the Bugatti Type 35 and can be driven by both adults and children. It offers two modes – a 1kW ‘child mode’ with a top speed of up to 20 km/h and a 4kW ‘adult mode’ that goes up to 45km/hr. It comes with a ‘Speed Key’ with which the power can go up to 10kW and disengages the speedometer. The cars will be built by hand, using the latest technology and the aid of a digital scan of an original Type 35 made for the 1924 French Grand Prix!

The cockpit features the brand’s signature turned aluminium dashboard, custom Bugatti instruments, and a faithfully recreated Type 35’s four-spoke steering wheel. Each car will come with a limited-edition numbered plaque and cars ordered in 2019 will also incorporate a badge to commemorate Bugatti’s 110th anniversary. Production of Bugatti Baby II starts in fall of this year. Reserve your build spot with Bugatti by writing to them at

Nike Epic Phantom React Flyknit 

Nike Epic Phantom React Flyknit for cool kids
Nike Epic Phantom React Flyknit

Most children like to get up and go play right away and find sneakers with shoelaces to be quite a bother! Nike has come to their rescue with the Nike Epic Phantom React, which quickly slips on and provides a comfortable snug fit. The flyknit construction makes the shoe light, breathable and flexible, while the dynamic fit keeps the shoe moving smoothly with the feet. The shoe is powered by the intelligent Nike React sole, which offers soft and bouncy cushioning and a great energy return.  

The Nike Epic Phantom React Flyknit is available across Nike stores as well as online on

BMW Bikes and Scooter

BMW Kids Bike - for cool kids
BMW Kids Bike

If you love the horsepower offered by your BMW cars, you can now let your children experience the pedal power of the BMW Kids Bike and BMW Junior Cruise Bike! The bikes are incredibly versatile and can be used both as a fully-fledged bicycle or a balancing bike for practicing. The BMW logo is placed on the front frame triangle of both the bikes.

BMW Kids Scooter - for cool kids
BMW Kids Scooter

There’s also the very cute BMW Kids Scooter for munchkins as young as three-years old. The tiny tots can use the scooter to practice balancing and when in the mood for playing with something else, the seat can be removed to reveal the child’s favourite toys stowed inside. The BMW Kids Scooter can be used by older children as well. The seat is removable, and the height of the handlebars can be adjusted as your child gains height.

BMW bikes as well as the BMW Kids Scooter are available at select BMW dealers.