The coolest cars from Detroit Auto Show

The Detroit Auto Show is an eyebrow raiser for auto critics and auto enthusiasts the world over. It is an international stage, for all the major car manufacturers, to showcase their current strength and future plans. We present to you the surprises, highlights, and the coolest future production cars from the show ending 25th January, 2015.

Ford GT Supercar

Ford GT Supercar at Detroit motor show 2015

Ford GT Supercar

The biggest shocker from the show has been the unveiling of the gorgeous new Ford GT Supercar. The car is slated for release in early 2016 and will be sold in very limited numbers. Ford has tried to turn people’s attention to the specifications about how good the smaller but more powerful engine is (3.5 V6 Ecoboost, 600 BHP), its carbon fibre and aluminum construction, and the improved aerodynamics. I’m not getting into specifications and improvements because I think for the way it looks, specifications are just numbers you don’t want to know.

Nike Global Stores

Honda NSX

After years of testing, teasing, anticipated pictures and leaks; Honda has finally released the new (Acura) NSX.

The old NSX had formed a cult following world over and even after years of being discontinued, it still has a strong fan base. Honda is not leaving any stone unturned with the new car; the specifications are going to rival the super cars. An all-new twin turbo V6 is mated with a nine-speed dual clutch transmission. There are three electric motors, one for each of the front wheel and the third to fill in the gap for the turbos, when they are spooling up. There is a lot of science and technology to discuss, which deserves a dedicated preview of this car. The exact numbers on the total power produced and acceleration aren’t disclosed yet, but I am sure it will give the Nissan GTR and Ferrari 458 a close fight.

Cayenne Turbo S

I have always thought of Porsche engineers as people with magical computers who are able to release a new variant with just a touch of a button. How else could anyone update the engines so quickly? But apparently I am wrong, there seems to be a lot of science behind the numbers. The new Turbo S unveiled at the Detroit Auto Show has redesigned turbochargers, which help it achieve 562 bhp and 589 nm of torque. What this means is that if you like to travel  very, very, fast sitting high above the ground, then this is the car to buy.

Mini John Cooper Works

It looks just like a standard Cooper S with some extra kits to make it look fast and dramatic. But, it’s not just the kits that have been added in the new Mini John Cooper Works. This is the fastest and the most powerful Mini ever, squeezing 228bhp from a 2.0 litre turbocharged engine.

Mercedes GLE Coupe/AMG GLE 63 Coupe

If you have the unusual preference for a coupe married with an SUV and you have always been disappointed with the only option available in the form of the BMW X6/X6M, then you have reason to be happier now. The new GLE Coupe is a Mercedes ML, with a different body style to compete with the segment starter BMW X6. I expect it to reach the Indian market soon.

Audi Q7

We have already talked about the Audi Q7 and revealed most of its important details on LifeSpice. This is the first public appearance of the next generation Q7 and we are hoping Audi India will use the right moves and bring it here soon. Read about our Audi Q7 preview here.

Volvo S60 Cross Country

Luxury car manufacturers are busy inventing new segments between segments. The idea is to create cars with no competition around. Volvo has achieved this pretty decently with their cross-country badge. The company showcased the Volvo S60 Cross Country at the Detroit Auto show. What Volvo is trying to sell with this car is a saloon with the utility of a high SUV. Honestly, I am not very excited with this hybrid’s styling. We’ll just have to wait and see how it does in the market.