The lighter and meaner new Jaguar XF

On the year of its 80th anniversary, Jaguar has stepped up its game and released the all new XF range in a bid to truly make this the ‘year of the cat’!


The new Jaguar XF performing world’s longest high-wire water crossing

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The new Jaguar XF has achieved a drastic weight loss of 190 kgs, making it 80 kgs lighter than its nearest competitor. This has been possible thanks to its all new high-tech aluminium build, which has made it strong and safe yet ultra-lightweight. It also features an increase in torsional stiffness of up to 28 per cent. Jaguar recently showcased this leaner and more agile car with a dramatic tight-rope journey across two thin wires suspended 18 m above the waters of Canary Wharf in London. The 240 m drive was the world’s longest high-wire water crossing and sealed the new Jaguar XF’s lightweight credentials.

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The new XF joins the Jaguar saloon car range between the XE and XJ model lines. Please view the slideshow for more information and pictures.