High on Lucky Ali

He wasn’t meant to be the headliner of Sula Fest 2015, yet crowds came in thousands to see Lucky Ali perform live. Thanks to several attractions at Sula Fest, people were mostly evenly spread out across the Sula Vineyards during the two-day festival. But when it was time for Lucky Ali to perform, the venue seemed deserted until one reached the Main Stage where some 15,000 odd people watched Lucky Ali perform his hit numbers. They sang along with Lucky, verse by verse, song after song. LifeSpice’s Anu Gulmohar met the singer post his performance and found him grounded, relaxed, unfazed by the incredible adulation and fervour of the fans…

Lucky Ali performing at Sula Fest. Photographs by Amandeep Singh.

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How was the experience performing at Sula Fest?

“This has been very special because the crowd is so connected. That’s nice for me. I enjoyed performing for them. They sang with me and it was all very nice.”

We don’t see you performing too often. Why is that?

“If I do, you’ll get tired of me!”

You’ve had a very interesting professional career graph. Of all the professions you’ve been involved with…

“… were chosen. They were chosen for me. I just sailed into them. I loved all of them. It’s a blessing to be alive and to experience all this.”

[Tweet “”You’ve got to do things that suit your heart and when your heart calls, you go.” – Lucky Ali”]

You’ve done some really interesting things, like horse breeding…

“You’ve got to be crazy sometimes. You’ve got to do things that suit your heart and when your heart calls, you go. I’m going sailing after this, for a whole year, all over the world.”

In a yacht?

Well, if I have to catch a ride, I will. But I’m going.

Countless songs later, which is your favourite Lucky Ali song?

“It’s not yet made. Lots of things still to do. I love the work we are able to come up with.”

A little bird told me that you’re coming up with an album soon. Is that right?

We’re working on an album. I would say it’s finished but not really completed yet. This was the last gig where I played the old songs. From the next festival on we hope to start performing our new numbers. We’re not signed into any company, by choice. You can expect the album next month.

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LifeSpice is a website on the good life and luxury. What does the good life mean to you?

A good life is having a good night’s sleep. Not worrying about having to pay bills. The good life is accepting, not getting too excited about everything that’s right and everything that’s wrong. That’s the good life, the centre path.

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