La Commenda: A holiday destination for history buffs

The newly opened La Commenda Boutique hotel offers people a chance to live under the same roof that once housed the Knights of Templar.

La Commenda Boutique hotel

La Commenda Boutique hotel

The Commenda d Osimo was the fort of the legendary Knights of Templar in the 1400s. Built upon a massive 400 hectares, this fort had its own hospital, dining hall and a place of worship. This historic fort was recently transformed into an inviting boutique hotel, offering us all an opportunity to go back in time. Once home of the Templar Knights, the historic fort now boasts of nine suites, spa, arbour, swimming pool and plenty of other modern luxuries.

Exteriors of La Commenda Boutique hotel

The property offers gorgeous views of the green countryside.

La Commenda Boutique hotel is now owned by the Pugnetti-Laude family. The fort underwent a complete restoration, done keeping in mind the local traditions and practices. A ‘buen ritiro’, it is a hotel that respects its roots, and has thus also been certified by the renowned Italian “Residenza d’Epoca” portal.

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Located ten kilometres away from the Cornero Coast, this boutique design house sits 100 meters above sea level and provides a 360° view from the rooftop, over the hills of the Marche. Each of the nine suites offer gorgeous views of the green countryside. The modern interiors are appointed with hand-picked furniture and exclusive design pieces drawn from modern art museums from around the world.

A suite at La Commenda Boutique hotel

A room at La Commenda Boutique hotel

La Commenda is also classified as one of the most magical places in Italy, thanks to its therapeutic properties. It is known for filling people with positive energies and improving their well-being and happiness. It is also famous for white sands of the Due Sorelle and Dei Gabbiani along with the stunning coast of the Adriatic.

Far from the main city, the boutique designer hotel lies amidst the natural beauty of the Frasassi Caverns and mystical Loreto, and is close to both the seas and the mountains. La Commenda is also a must visit destination for wine lovers as there are tonnes of wine cellars nearby. Guests can also explore and taste the local food of this area such as olive oil, unsalted bread ciauscolo salami, crescia cheese and Trionfi & Honorat’s range of cheeses.

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