Damien Hirst serves a good dose of art and food at Pharmacy 2

Among the world’s most famous artists, Damien Hirst has opened the new restaurant Pharmacy 2 in collaboration with Chef Mark Hix.

Pharmacy 2 © 2H Restaurant Ltd.

Interiors of Pharmacy 2 © 2H Restaurant Ltd.

Art lovers around the world would be familiar with the works of Damien Hirst. Britain’s richest living artist, Hirst’s works have often gravitated towards the macabre and shocked viewers with dead, and at times dissected, animals preserved in formaldehyde. While his artworks have given the public plenty of food for thought, the artist has also forayed into putting real food on people’s plates with his restaurant businesses. He co-owns 11 The Quay, a seafood restaurant, in the town of Ilfracombe in England. From 1998 till 2003, he ran Pharmacy Restaurant & Bar in Notting Hill, which was perhaps his best known restaurant. Now, Hirst has launched Pharmacy 2, in collaboration with Chef Mark Hix, at the Newport Street Gallery in Vauxhall, London.

Newport Street Gallery is Hirst’s venture to make his personal art collection accessible to the general public. Pharmacy 2 is where people can also view some of Hirst’s own art, including the iconic Medicine Cabinets series as well as his butterfly Kaleidoscope paintings. The interiors include DNA strand etchings on glass windows, pill designs embedded into the marble floor and even on the leather banquettes.

“Pharmacy 2 combines two of my greatest passions; art and food. I’ve always loved Mark as a chef and his approach to food, so it’s great we’re working together on this,” said Damien Hirst.

Damien Hirst and Mark Hix at Pharmacy 2 © Damien Hirst and Science Ltd.

Damien Hirst and Mark Hix © Damien Hirst and Science Ltd.

On the menu is classic British and European food. Hix and Hirst’s shared zeal for good food made from fresh ingredients has shaped the menu that includes Brick a l’oeuf de carnard with harissa; Crispy squid with green chilli, garlic and almonds; the German dish ‘Heaven and Earth’ reinterpreted by Hix; duck curry with basmati rice as per Reg Johnson’s recipe; poached Yorkshire rhubarb with saffron ice cream, and plenty more.

“Damien and I have been friends for many years, sharing a love of food and art. Damien designed a formaldehyde ‘Cock and Bull’ for my restaurant Tramshed so it makes sense for me to exchange my skills by creating the menus at Pharmacy 2,” shared Chef Mark Hix.

On the menu of Pharmacy 2: Dublin Bay prawns with arak, wild garlic and fennel pilaf. Photo by Jason Lowe © 2H Restaurant Ltd.

Dublin Bay prawns with arak, wild garlic and fennel pilaf. Photo by Jason Lowe © 2H Restaurant Ltd.

Pharmacy 2 will offer brunch at weekends, light breakfast during the week, and roasts on Sundays. Prices for the all-day menu begin at £7.95, from £5.95 for starters, mains from £13.50 and pudding is priced £4 upwards. The wine list has been carefully curated, with bottles starting from £19.75 and 15 wines also offered by the glass from £4 onwards. Champagne bottles are offered from £54, and £9 for a glass. Cocktails offered include the famous Hix Fix (priced £13.50), which is made by adding sparkling wine to Morello cherry and Somerset apple eau de vie.

Pharmacy 2 is definitely among the more exciting restaurants to open this year, and should not be missed by lovers of fine food and art. Reservations can be made online at pharmacyrestaurant.com or by calling 0203 141 9333.