Design Diaries: Setting the Mood

If you’re about begin the decor of your home or revamp an existing room, here’s a tip from designer Tabu Muneera that will help you better visualise your project.

A mood board

A mood board

Many of us have come across the word ‘mood boards’ but don’t really know or understand what it means in the Interior Design world. A mood board is simply a type of collage consisting of images, fabrics, patterns in a composition. It is very effective when you are starting on an interior project. It goes without saying that there is hardly any professional designer who will never do up a mood board before taking up a project.

Mood board (as the name suggests) is basically creating the mood or feel or look you are trying to achieve in the interior space you are working on. If you have liked a particular colour, pattern, textile, texture, and want to see how they will balance out in an interior space then stick all this on a board and it will give you a visual of your space.

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It is always important to create a mood board and work on it before you use all the elements directly into a space. The effects of this will

  • Ensure that the look you have in mind, will actually work well with the elements you will use
  • Not make you commit a ‘grave’ mistake in terms of colour coordination and balance of all the elements by using it directly into the space
  • Help you show the trades visually what your end result will be and will give them a better understanding of the look and feel that you are trying to achieve.
Sample mood board

Sample mood board

I always prefer to create a mood board in the old-school way, which is creating a hard copy rather than a digital one as it helps my client to touch and feel the textures, patterns, fabrics and colours used in it. But with the advancement of digital world, there are so many websites and softwares out there which help you to create such amazing mood boards without getting your hands sticky. You can give Sample Board and Go Mood Board a try.

However you choose to create your mood board, no interior design is complete without one.

Our Columnist, Tabu Muneera, is Designer at Elara Interiors and World of Style by Porter Davis Homes in Melbourne. In case you missed her first column for LifeSpice, you can view it here

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