The largest private island in North America is for sale!

Rugged cliffs, mysterious coves and cool, calm waters welcome buyers to Galloo Island, the largest private island in North America, offered for sale by Vladi Private Islands.

 largest private island in North America. Galloo Island

Galloo Island is located in Lake Ontario, New York State, and at approx. 2,214 acres is the largest private island in North America. The beautiful island has its very own private airstrip as well as a picturesque natural harbour that currently docks two motor boats and a kayak. Add to this ample residential development, farmland and forestland, as well as close proximity to the mainland, the Galloo Island is well priced at USD 10.8 million, i.e. approx. Rs. 77,28,45,840.

The largest private island in North America, Galloo Island is 7 kms long and 2.5 kms wide. It has a shoreline of 16 kms and 5 kms of stunning ragged cliffs that reach as high as 60ft. Adventure lovers will enjoy exploring the mysterious cove at the north-west of the island. Surrounded by the sparkling clear waters of Lake Ontario, the island is heaven for anglers who can enjoy countless hours catching salmon, trout, small mouth bass and walleyed pike. The green island is also home to about 500 deer and many Canada geese, wild turkeys and all types of waterfowl.

The largest private island in North America

About 45% of the island is wooded and it is home to a variety of old trees, including maple, oak, spruce, cedar, and various fruit trees, such as apple and plum. There’s even a fresh-water pond, replete with water lilies and plants. Remaining of Galloo is pastureland that is capable of supporting a herd of 250 Angus cattle or over 1,000 sheep. Whilst there is no farming currently at the island, the island was once used for agriculture and comes with four farm tractors, a haybine, a hay baler, a hay rake, a bale wrapper, a hay wagon, a pickup truck, ploughs with discs and more.

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The island has a recently renovated lodge with 7 bedrooms, which was originally built in 1889. There’s also a beautifully furnished guest room as well as a log cabin that was once occupied by the caretaker. Nine other buildings are also present on the island, including barns, tool sheds, dog kennels and garages.

This natural paradise is situated only a few minutes by boat from the town of Watertown, which offers all possible amenities and good medical care too. One can also set sail to the nearby Niagara Falls or to the Thousand Islands in the Atlantic from the largest private island of the continent, that can now be yours! Go ahead and connect with Vladi Private Islands for more details.